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The Mighty App Finder
a great new way to discover your next app

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The Mighty App Finder takes your initial app search results and visually groups apps together which share the same keywords and ideas so you can quickly review a more focussed and shorter list of relevant apps.

Found an interesting app in our list? Then you're one tap away from it in The App Store where you can take a more in-depth look at it.

Have you looked at several apps and then realised that the first one you looked at was the best?

Are you trying to remember what the name of the app was you found the other day?

No problem! We provide an automatic recently viewed list from most recent to oldest that lets you go right back to any app you viewed in The App Store.

This could be the start of something wonderful, saving you time and helping you to find the app that you didn't know even existed!

It's free and easy to use so don't miss out - give it a try now, you've nothing to lose and millions of apps to gain.
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