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Whether you want to keep your little ones occupied on journeys or enjoy a lovely story at bedtime our “Moving Audio™” range of audiobooks are just what you need.

Our stories are beautifully illustrated and narrated and not only are they a joy to watch and listen to, but they can also help your child learn to read.

This is NOT another boring text synchronized reader - it uses beautiful illustrations which actually move around and zoom in and out of the screen to keep your child engaged while they listen to the narration.

“Young children are under-represented with apps in the app store,” said Adrian Nelson, founder of Apps Mobilis.

“Based on my experience with my own children, I know how important it is to stimulate a child to learn to read - which must be just about the most important life skill a parent can teach their child.”

“In order to help children learn to read and associate word sounds with letters, I felt it important to highlight the words as they were being read and then give the child the option using the “I'll read” mode of trying to read it at their own pace without the narration.”

“With our range of Moving Audio™ books, I wanted to synchronize the narration and images in a fun multimedia type way.”

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